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香港特码资料网:Local Special Snacks

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005期特码开什么 www.roukc.com Vegetable Roll

A traditional snack, made with minced vegetables and pickles in wheat-powder rolls, tastes delicious.

Hongyou Cake

Traditional breakfast, made mainly from rice, beans and pork mince with red chilli oil inside, is soft inside and crisp outside. It looks like a cake in shape and color and so named.

Little Bowl-like Cake

It is made mainly from fermented ground rice pulp and gets its name because it is steamed in a small bowl and forms the shape of a little bowl.

Smooth Sesame Moon Cake

Traditional Mid-Autumn Festival cake and usually 6 cakes are packaged together and weigh 500 grams, with the number 6 standing for smoothness, and cakes for reunion, sesame blooming for prosperity. It鈥檚 sweet, glutinous inside, crisp outside.

Five-seed Cake

Made from high quality rice powder and water chestnut powder (for royal use in history), mixed with dried and fragrant nutlets etc., it鈥檚 sweet, fragrant and soft and glutinous.

Buckwheat Noodles

Sweet buckwheat is ground into pulp, then boiled, and frozen and cut into pieces, then again mixed with chilli oil, fermented bean curd and other seasonings.etc. It is soft, spicy, and delicious.

Fried-Cake Porridge

It is a traditional breakfast, made from  glutinous rice , ground beans, rice pulp and sesame powder. It combines something dry and something liquid and looks oily but not greasy.


Maigre Noodles

Rice powder jelly is cut into strips, mixed with chilli oil, soy sauce, pickled vegetables, etc. It tastes cool.

Broiled Dish

Meat, fish or vegetables are broiled on a griddle in traditional methods

 according to customers鈥?tastes, and served in the way of a buffet.

Crystal Jelly Noodle

Summer snack, made from papaya seeds, mixed with rose candies etc, it鈥檚 glittering and transparent, cool and thirst-quenching.

Flaky Bun

Traditional flour bun with fillings of minced meat or vegetables wrapped in rolls made from fermented dough and lard, then steamed in a steaming pot, it is soft and glutinous and savory with thin rolls and obvious tiers.


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