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lhc特码诗句:The 5th Guizhou (Anshun) International Stone Exposition as well as the 5th National Stone Carving Design Competition Opened

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On August 26th, with the theme of entering a new era surrounded by blue water and green mountain, the 5th Guizhou (Anshun) International Stone Fair and the 5th National Stone Carving Design Competition in China (Anshun) Stone City opened.

There are more than 300 exhibitors in this year's Stone Exposition, with a total exhibition area of 100,000 square meters. It is mainly equipped with exhibition areas such as blocks, stone, mining machinery, stone carvings and creative stones. It was held from August 26th to 29th for 4 consecutive days. During the period, promotional events and other activities, including 2019 National Stone Mine Conference, 2019 Fifth Guizhou (Anshun) International Stone Expo Trade, Huangguoshu Stone Industry Summit Forum, Guizhou Stone Industry Investment Promotion,have been carried out.

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